The Farm

Binleys Bridge Farm has been run by the Vickers Family for the past 30 years and specialises in producing high quality beef and lamb.

The farm comprises of 500 sheep which are lambed in March, producing nearly 1000 lambs every year. All of our sheep and lambs are fed on natural products, mainly grass silage from our fields, oats produced on the farm plus a small amount of concentrates bought in.

All of our lambs are sold through the Market Harborough Livestock Auctions near Foxton in Leicestershire, however, we have more recently started selling our lamb direct.

If you are interested in buying a whole or half a lamb please either visit our shop or email me and we will contact you when we have lambs available.

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We also have 250 head of cattle on the farm. With 80 cows that calve in the Spring or Autumn we always have plenty of calves about. The suckler cows are mainly Simmental Cross which we breed with one of two Limousin bulls. The calves either remain in the sucker herd and go on to produce their own calves, or they go on to be fattened with the remainder of the fat cattle. Every year we also buy in approx 60 head of fat cattle from markets near to the Welsh border. These animals have been born and reared near to the Welsh mountains and they are bought down to our farm on the Welland Valley for fattening. The grass produced in the Welland Valley is renowed for being the best fattening land in the country, with long lush grassland all around. As well as grass, all of our cattle are fed on the most natural feed stuffs. We use locally sourced barley mixed with sugar cane molasses and bought in concentrates. This we find produces beef that tastes spectacular.

We also have 12 hens, 1 cockerel, 2 sheep dogs and 1 Patterdale dog.

If you are interested in having a look around our working farm then please do not hesitate to ask.