Culinary Challenges

Culinary-ChallengesRather than have one challenge, this day is broken into a number of smaller challenges for the team to experience.

After a brief introduction from our expert chefs, teams working in groups, couples or alone will battle it out head to head in a number of different culinary tasks.

Skill, patience, quick thinking, common sense, competitiveness, team work – all of these will be required for this event.

Examples of the challenges the teams may encounter are:

  • Stack them high – make the largest stack of pancakes
  • Flop or not Souffle – make a soufflé from scratch that actually rises
  • Make perfect chips – make a stack of perfect chips and present as the Pomme Neuf Bridge
  • Plaited loaf of bread – make a plaited loaf of bread
  • Exotic ice creams – Make the most exotic flavoured ice cream with a range of ingredients
  • Chocolate runouts – watch our chefs pipe the perfect chocolate runouts and then its your turn to pipe the best run out.
  • Spaghetti Junction – the challenge is to make a bridge out of spaghetti that will support a toy tractor.
  • Novelty cake – work with our chefs to make and decorate the most novelty cake possible.
  • Largest chocolate éclair – work as a group to cook the largest chocolate éclair.
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